Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

For this week’s challenge I’m brought back to a recent trip to La Habana, Cuba for a picture that says “geometry” to me.

When walking around the crumbly, dilapidated colonial architecture of La Habana, it’s very easy for your eyes to carry your body around with total control.  You truly never know what secrets will unveil themselves when you turn any given corner, walk into any old building, or stroll down the Malecon during postcard worthy sunset.  The city entices your visual senses to keep searching, keep scanning, and keep walking around one of the strangest realities you’ve ever set your feet upon.  Habana truly holds a magic that only those who’ve been down her constantly surprising streets will ever understand.

One particular day I serendipitously turned onto a street and discovered a mirror image of our state capital back in DC.  The yellowy glow of a sunset illuminated the massive dome and highlighted every single angle, contour, and detail of the building’s breathtakingly designed face.  The diminishing perspective of the classic colonial buildings on either side draws my eyes up and down their facades as they stretch towards El Capitolio in the background.  The graffiti rectangle at the lower corner adds another element of geometry and offers a completely different surface juxtaposed with the architecture in the rest of the scene.  But the geometry further draws the attention to the subject of the very busy photo.

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