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“There is unlimited peace sleeping within the act of generosity”

While traveling throughout Mexico and Central America we have been touched by the struggles people face in parts of the world with added challenges and limited opportunity. As we’ve dared to roam out of our comfort zone and into the day to day in the developing world, we have noticed that there is a real opportunity to both understand and to influence the lives of the people we meet. In our fast paced money driven world, rarely are we lucky enough to pause and realize the bittersweet simplicity that still very much exists. Time warped, many families struggle to sustain their cultures and lifestyles in the midst of a world that largely leaves them forgotten. Traveling responsibly is an ongoing effort and daily we try to filter our money into the areas we explore. Whenever possible we leave behind small tips and thoughtful gifts, knowing how very much very little can mean in the paths we’re crossing. While traveling, it is possible to touch the lives of some that you meet, to offer a bit of unexpected relief or comfort. Our hope here is to provide a connection to humanity, a chance to give directly to people whose greatest worry can often be eased relatively easily. With even the smallest gifts, we will be able to continue to give along our way south towards Brazil. Penny Karma allows you to see where the money is filtered, through our pictures and stories highlighting its use. Become a part of our journey, be the change you wish to see in the world*

About us


My social worker mother seems to have contributed a healthy dose of altruism into my roots. Despite efforts to be more practical, I  graduate with a B.A. in Counseling Psychology from Suffolk University in 2007. With hopes of earning a global perspective, my priority post-graduation was travel. I am lucky to have so far savored much of Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Every border I’ve crossed has opened my eyes wider to how very differently people live in this world, and happily to how the more we know of each other the more we feel for each other. I spent three years preparing for this adventure at home, learning to empathize and advocate as the only social worker at a busy nursing and rehabilitation facility. From recovery support to end of life and Alzheimer’s care, I worked to take some of the weight out of the heaviest of life’s moments. In our present travels, Dan and I take pride in our efforts to wrap our minds around the histories and current realities of the communities we temporarily call home. In fortunate moments we are given glimpses below the surface and are let into peoples lives. It is with the simple hope of leaving little cures along our path that we put Penny Karma out to the masses.


After initially pursuing a degree in Chemistry I wound up being a geologist instead. 4.5 years and about 100K in student loans later I held a BS in Geology from Northeastern University.  After spending an equal amount of time paying off the entire amount, it felt like the right time to plan an escape from life in the States.  Selling off unnecessary items and storing up life in boxes, I left my company of 5 years to pursue a dream of living out of a backpack and opening my world to new experiences.  I’ve always been drawn to the natural beauty of the world and have been enjoying all that Latin America has been offering.  My initial hopes of understanding people and their cultures has evolved into understanding humanity in ways I would have never previously imagined.  I am interested in both photography and writing and hope that I can make a life out of both someday.   I think of traveling as being one of the best investments you could make for yourself as it allows you the ability to interact with different ways of thinking, understanding, and living in this complex existence.

How it works

Bottom line, every penny counts. No donation is too small as we plan to continue giving to those who know the value in quality over quantity. We will share the stories behind every opportunity made possible because of contributions to Penny Karma. The idea is to keep things simple with small gifts that we can put directly into the lives of people living their stories in Central and South America. We will not be creating a non-profit, and your donations will not be tax deductible (karmic rule).  Trust is the glue holding humanity together and we promise not to break that bond.  The money will be used only for others and this project will be discontinued when we head back stateside.  When that time comes, we will be sure to have put every penny out into the world.  Thank you for helping us spread some metaphorical breadcrumbs.  Enjoy the good karma.

Muchas gracias,

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