All images presented on the TheAdventuresofDr blog website are original work created by Dan Rajter and his magical camera.

All images are copyrighted by their owner, Dan Rajter.  All Rights Reserved. For real.

It is illegal to use any of the material herein without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

Note: none of the images are creative commons

contact the good Dr. at if there are any images that you or someone you represent would like to use directly.  I’ll consider any images for licensing that can be easily customized to support the intended use.

I also support educational uses of my material but need to be contacted before my images are used, por favor.


One thought on “Copyright

  1. Does it mean that we can’t use one of your picture in one of our article (with your name written on it) ? I usually use beautiful scenery to express my feeling in my blog…

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