On the road in Quebec

A part of my job that is both a blessing and curse is the travel involved throughout the year.  As a field engineer, my office is always moving from site to site.  I enjoy seeing and experiencing new parts of the world as part of my inability to stay put and interest in seeing how life is lived everywhere, so this usually works out quite well.   Sometimes the duration of a project is 12 months, sometimes it is 12 hours.  It all depends on the scope of our consultations.  A current job has relocated me from my comfy abode in Newport, RI to the tiny, almost non-existent expired mill town called Van Buren, ME.  The shift from the comforts of my surroundings to the near barren and bleak potato fields and listing buildings needing a fresh coat of paint 10 years ago has me driving throughout the southernmost points of New Brunswick and Quebec, Canada on the one day a week we get off (Sunday, my savior).  This picture was taken from the side of the road on one of these particular Sundays with the Kerouac inspired notion of a hitch hiker taking a rest off the shoulder, soaking in the sights of a crisp September afternoon.

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