an hour of light in Providence

Yesterday I was blessed with a day off from my endeavors to further mold my truck seat in the shape of my rear during my chronically long commute chasing the American Dream; or maybe someone else’s dream.  After getting all the nitty-gritty tasks of my to do list out of the way I had the temerity (I’m hard on myself sometimes) to sneak away to Providence on a warm day in November for some self-soothing sight seeing.  It was my day off so I’ll wander if I want to.   I only had about an hour till the sun went down to soak in the probably last moments of fall before winter inevitably comes back.  This became my only regret.  Luckily this city is just as beautiful after the sun goes down if you look in the right spots.  Providence is one of those places that can instantly rough draft inspiration to me.  When I immerse myself in the streets it’s like tapping directly into the vein and feeling that artistic pulse that is prevalent to this city.  Kind of like mainlining behind a lens metaphorically speaking.  That’s it, that’s all.  Hope you enjoy.

Thayer St. yellow

fall defined

smoke shop

Jack is still there

windows that speak my language

more awesome windows


sound advice

found a foundry


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