I (still) love NY

The stage from a car

New York City will always amaze me.  It’s absolutely gigantic.  I can’t believe how many people are living and breathing there all at the same time.

There’s millions of souls bouncing around in that bubble chasing some dream of theirs.  This might be the same dream as the year before. Or not.  There are those that have already reached them.  There are far more that never will.  But everyone is connected by at least the basic and ubiquitous idea of that dream about how they see things panning out. That’s a sense that you can honestly feel when you walk around it’s omnipresent streets.

Buildings rise up like monstrous fingers out of the concrete.  Windows light up the night in these soft spoken homes and let your imagination wander.

There is an endless variety of food here.  There are secret little restaurants, events, and places that New Yorkers know about that they want you to see too.  Just ask.

New York has some of the best street photography settings.  The bridges have so much character.  The buildings are a time stamp and tell a history of the city.  You can almost imagine what someone’s story is by their appearance alone.  You can also (as I often do) create one with how you capture them.

New York is the pinnacle of messages.  Spray painted statements about life, murals on the sides of buildings, and some of the coolest advertising that actually grabs your attention instead of blending into the background can be seen here.

New York has been the home of some of the greatest music, actors, and comedians in America.  Thousands have packed up their instruments, clothes, and ideas and sought out the city that inspired so many before them.  It has made superstars and has a constant stream of dreamers chasing that train to fame.

New York has smells and sounds that can only be found here.  Where else can you get New York pizza? Where else is the warm stench of subway air so accepted as normal?  It becomes part of the memory of the city experience engrained by your senses.  Horns are part of everyone’s soundtrack and hawkers trying to sell you their goods on the street become a daily conversation.

New York has history that it loves to preserve.  Everyone knows some story of someone who lived here, who owned this building over there, who knows that person who started that company in the fifties.  I love how everybody seems to know somebody who knows somebody.  These stories give off that feeling that life here is happening and you can be a part of it too.

New York is venerable.

I still love New York.  I hope someday that I can manage to live there for a year or so.  For now I’ll visit.

Honking is frowned upon but not really enforced

A chapter from Brooklyn

passive chinatown hawker

Where sugar comes from

NY has new art everywhere

where else can you find photobooths in a restaraunt

the Chelsea Market, formerly National Biscuit Co.

wishing well in the market

Flowers are always nearby to help right wrongs

The lights in times square make me feel like a kid again

Penn Station Blues

NY makes train tracks into Urban Landscapes

The High line street cinema

Cobblestones in tribeca

New Yorkers love their bread

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn to Canal St

Brooklyn Flea Market in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank

Flea Market Bargain Shoppers

4 thoughts on “I (still) love NY

  1. WOW really Fantastic photography! Great photos of New York, I’ve only been to New York City once. I lived in upstate New York for a short time as a kid. I hope to go back some day. New York City a feast for the eyes, I would imagine lots of good food there as well. Congratulations on being freshly pressed. I bet your blog will be busy, a well deserved pick.

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