Upstate to say goodbye and prime lens testing

I have felt a little polarized about heading home for the last time before the big adventure.  I am always excited to go home and see my family but I also knew this time was going to be it for a while.  That was both a high and a low at the same time and it felt in the middle.  I was also growing more excited about leaving this culture for ones that are completely foreign to me while at the same time being worn down by checking things off the list up to the very last minute.  But anyway,  I got to go home and spend time with my family for a little bit and took that opportunity to test out my new nikkor F/1.8G DX lens, my first prime.  I got to hang out with the my mom, my dad, and my two living grandparents, some friends, and my upstate landscapes and towns.  I don’t know how I’ve ever lived without one in my bag.

dad's concerned

Some highlights include:

Watching my grandpa, who worked his whole life as a laborer, get up and help clean up the garage we were arranging to fit my truck in for storage.  Dementia is setting in but he swept the floor better than I was doing and didn’t leave a speck of dust behind.  He did this for about 15 minutes and sat down with a smile.







Hanging with my mom and grandma. My mom made some more great food and I got to reassure them both that I’ll be safe abroad. I’m going to miss the hell out of them both, and especially miss my mom’s voice.

my mom and her shop

intense cards









Seeing a few friends.  I didn’t have time to say goodbye to everyone but I did manage to squeeze in a few short visits to say adios.  To those that I didn’t get to see personally I apologize and wish time allowed me to hang for a while.

Sully, Dre, and Les










Spending time with my dad.  Like old times, we puttered around his garage and cleaned out places for our vehicles to be tucked away till we get back.  He’s been watching my grandpa pretty much alone for about 5 months now and it’s no easy task.  I’m not sure how I’m going to fare without hearing him on the other line all the time cracking bad jokes.

The Garage

Goodbyes are incredibly tough this circumstance.  This is my adios.  Later today I land in Guadalajara. Here goes nothing.


a snowy goodbye with love

me and my dad looking right

5 thoughts on “Upstate to say goodbye and prime lens testing

  1. Very envious of your adventure and your new camera/lens (I could tell you’d upgraded before reading the post – a world of difference – WOW). Safe travels my friend!

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