Penny Karma Update

Greetings wordpress followers!

As some of you may already know a joint project with my traveling partner in crime, Elissa, called Penny Karma was born on this blog about a week ago!  This page has received some exposure but could use a heck-of-a-lot more in order to meet our lofty first goal and ultimately to keep this form of karmic generosity in motion.   Thus far we have a total of about $140 dollars donated in only 9 days!  This is a great start and we hope more people get involved along the way.  As an added bonus, you get to join in on our traveling adventures in a unique way.

For those not yet privy to this project yet, I’ll give a brief explanation of what it is we are doing.  We have created a virtual piggy bank of sorts, a place to put some pennies (or dollars) with the purpose of distributing small gifts, supplies, or money to people we meet throughout our travels that we feel could use a little break in life.  Your money donated goes right into a secure PayPal account and will be used by yours truly to give something back along the way.  We have a lot of chatter about this idea and want to keep it going.  Occasional updates will be posted (with pretty pictures, of course) but I promise not to inundate the blog with pleas for donations.   Thank you again for following and for reading.  Now come join the fun! The month of July is designated to our little Mayan friend Flor de Maria, who was born with a cleft palate and needs 2 more surgeries to ensure a normal life.  Help keep Flor all smiles!

Click on the picture to read Flor’s Story

2 thoughts on “Penny Karma Update

  1. Great cause.. As for The beautiful Flor, have you contacted “Operation Smile” for some assistance with her surgeries? My mother used to be a Nurse and has assisted on many free surgeries with this great Non-profit organization 🙂
    I’ll be glad to give your blog some exposure as well!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. We just sent an email to Operation Smile for some general information to see if some efforts can be combined here. While we are not 100% sure how these things work we hope that at the very least we can get some great information. The plan is to fund raise for the month of July and send it to a teacher affiliated with our school we attended to deliver in person. I would appreciate it beyond words if you could get any exposure to this blog! Thank you very much for finding us and for reaching out.


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