Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

On a recent trip to Colombia my girlfriend and I made it to Punta Gallinas, which is the northernmost point of South America.  Situated several hours from the nearest form of civilization, this was the most remote destination I have ever found myself in.  It took 2 days of transportation to get there including buses, vans, 4×4 pick up trucks, and a 3 hour boat ride across the choppy Caribbean until we landed in this desert-meets-ocean location.  Cacti dominate the landscape while goats, pigs, and very few cattle prod around looking for edible desert plants in the repressively hot sun.  The indigenous locals that populate the area are part of the Wayuu tribe and rely on the sea to survive.  They  seem to govern themselves because of their isolation and it didn’t really feel like we were in Colombia at all.  We got to interact with the children and villagers that live there with Spanish, which ironically was both our second languages.  The children that live in such isolation only get to interact with the outside world when foreigners like us pay a visit.  Families that can afford it buy gasoline to power generators as their only source for electricity. Running water is also non-existent.  The children there were more than curious beings and quick learners as well!  One afternoon we let them play with cameras and watched as they picked up photography for the first time.

I chose this photo because it wraps up the idea behind photography for me in a nutshell.  It is an art, a form of expression, and can ignite the curiosity in our souls to help see the world in moments, not just a never ending experience that keeps trailing on.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the essence of what it is to be a child intermingle with capturing moments in time.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Definitely digging the weekly photo challenge. You have so many wonderful photos that they sometimes get lost or take a back seat to the stories… but now the photo becomes the story.

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