Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood


Those that have been following this blog will notice that I am not in Colombia any more.  In fact, I’m in a whole different ball game now. The Palm trees have vanished.  Fresh tropical fruit used to literally be only a few steps away in nearly every imaginable situation.  I can still see them hanging from tree branches and trunks, being pushed in a cart down the street, and being hocked by little old ladies carrying baskets brimming with natural treats.  You could also always bank on the fact that a mercado was always within a 5 minute walking radius in nearly all organized communities.  Now they are all memories, but they are amazing ones at that. No more days of complete and total freedom, no more open schedule, and no more Spanish interchanges with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.  Actually, the last part isn’t true; I’ve been getting chatty with the baristas  and with new clientele.  Bueno.

image_8                               image_1

I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel comfortable sharing the details of what cut the trip short, but I can tell you it was life changing. Family emergencies tend to have a lasting effect on us that just can’t be brushed aside.  They often penetrate our tough skins and rattling our bones to their very core.  This couldn’t have been more true for me this past winter. I’m sure many others have had been gifted equally unbelievable situations that didn’t have magic answer that will fix it all.  For a whole laundry list of reasons, we now have found ourselves back in the ‘murrica starting our new adventures in an old haunt of ours: Boston, Massachusetts. We meet again.




Winter is currently fighting against it’s inevitable loss in the battle of time. This past week alone the weather has been sending baffling messages in the forms of baby blue skies, torrential down pours, and 12-inch thick blankets of New England fluffy snow.  The end of winter in Massachusetts always laughs in your face before collapsing on it’s last arctic invasion. We can get graced with deliciously deceptive warm sunny afternoons and later play rocks paper scissors for garbage duty because of the sub-zero like temperatures at night.   Spring hasn’t quite shown up yet, but the sun’s rays have started to feel intensely warm again.  That is a much appreciated step in the right direction, in my opinion.  I honestly can’t wait for these cold snaps to be run away for 8 months.

image                                     image

image_5                                     image_9

image_10                                     image_6

image_10                                     image_5

The newest chapter of my life is being written at lightening fast speeds.  I’ve started a new job in a completely different profession. Things I like so far seem to involve exploring new neighborhoods, meeting new people, and taking lots of pictures. I’m capturing bits and clips of this experience and can use them like reference points to call upon.  It helps me to remember every other connected memory because I can piece back the experience in a more detailed way. It has been fun coming back to a place I used to call home with a completely different view of it.  When you live somewhere for long amounts of time the little details can get blurred because you are constantly surrounded by familiar things. Details can grab your attention less because they are always there. I noticed from the first time I walked back into town how different everything was.  It’s a completely fresh slate for a new beginning with my city.  And I’m glad to be back.  These are some images from my “neck of the woods”, caught on my phone.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did living them. I also forgot to mention that I will keep the travel posts going until the end of our trip, in chronological order of course.


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image_1                                       image_11                                       image_6

image_2                                       image_2

image_3                                       image_2                                       image_8


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. hey dr, just wanted to say that i love your writing style and the stuff you’ve done and the angles you’ve taken! sorry to hear about that family emergency – and best wishes to yourself and elissa and everyone else! keep going – you are something else!!!!! isabella

  2. Really interesting article and the photographs are beautiful. My favorite is the woman walking down the stairs into what reminds me of a NYC subway station.Second favorite is the shot of the highway through the chain link fence. Its very mysterious and cold; fitting for the time of year.

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  4. Loved the photos and the “view of life”, Dan. Lots of people would be excited to call Boston home (including me) but somewhere tropical has immense appeal. Please- anything but grey skies!
    I love “puddle” shots and my favourite is the one with the clock tower. Good luck with your new life.

  5. Wow you’re photos are beautiful. I wish where I lived was this awesome. I feel downtown would be, but I live in suburbia sadly. Photo copy houses and people who get scared when anyone wears a black t-shirt, suburbia sucks.

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