Weekly Photo Challenge: Change



When I first looked at the theme for the weekly photo challenge, I was stumped.  There has been so much change going on lately in my world that I couldn’t even begin to think about how to write about it.  I feel worlds away from the environment that used to surround me when we were traipsing around Latin America.  We were two souls bouncing around uncharted territories without a care in the world.  Photography had become 2nd nature, and I reveled in taking mental notes on every detail that caught my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin.  I think a lot of those feelings came out in my images.  It was an absolute high point in my life.  Some of the most surreal moments in our trip was the time we spent in Cuba.  It was one of the only places where we constantly felt awed by every moment we experienced, and nothing ever felt normal.  In a land the Hemingway called home we couldn’t begin to describe that magic that was engrained in the culture, the land, and the energy of the country.  So what better way to reflect upon change than to speak on the experience and then sharing it with the world.  Hence, this weekly photo challenge caught me off guard until I thought deeply about change.

photo(1)                                        photo(3)

2 weeks ago I was asked to participate in an art gallery opening to showcase some of my images I shot from my trip to Cuba alongside photographer extraordinaire Heather McGrath’s and her breathtaking landscapes of Iceland.  It was held at the SOWA art studios on 450 Harrison Ave in the South End of Boston, a complete world away from the crumbly, dusty streets of La Habana.  Heather and my better half Elissa helped to curate the entire affair, as I was completely engulfed in my new career of real estate to put together the event.  I showed up the night before to help hang my images after an exhausting day of driving clients around the city to find a new home.  Blah.  We called the show Wanderlust, a word that’s influenced the way I look at the world and my insatiable curiosity for the unexplored.



It was amazing reliving the experience with the hundred or so strangers that wandered in throughout the day.  The stories poured out almost faster than my mouth could move. I was transported back in time, thousands of miles away from Boston in the middle of the Caribbean watching the sun set along the Malecón.  It was the first time I ever put my own art on the wall for everyone to see, and it was a big change in my life.  It was something that I had always wanted to do, and it was a dream that had finally come true.  There was a bit of vulnerability hanging your version of art out there for the world to see, but the reactions and feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. It took away the fear of putting myself out there, a hurdle that always held me back from considering the idea of an event like this. In my head, I wasn’t sure how I was going to overcome that fear, but the way it all came together left me no other choice than to finally just do it.  Change reigns supreme.


The change in where I was to where I am today is like comparing the differences between night and day.  Change of surroundings, change in countries, change in lifestyle.  Back to the working world, back to the grind, back to life in the States. Change: it’s what keeps life interesting.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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  3. Ciao! The Reverend celebrated his birthday this year in Italy! We are currently in Portofino thinking of both you and Elissa and wondering how your travels came to a close.
    Congratulations on your first showing and over coming the hurdle of putting yourself out there! You had nothing to fear because what you shared with us in Cuba was nothing less than amazing!
    We still believe you missed your calling! National Geographic would be lucky to have you!
    Would love to hear from you guys! And if you’re ever in the other Newport you know you always have a slot with us…from one DR to another!
    The Reverend and his better half! 🙂

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