One good thing about putting every dime you spend on a credit card (with the notion that you will be able to pay it off every month) is that you can eventually earn yourself a free airplane ticket out of it.  Although the payoff isn’t exactly what I was hoping for (60,000 points took roughly a year to accrue) I did earn a trip for two to visit my brothers out in Colorado. We flew out of Providence during a mild early December day and landed in cold Denver night promptly greeted with the first taste of winter.  With the temperature hovering in the upper teens coupled with snow on the ground we were finally immersed in the season. The memory of what it feels like to be encapsulated in winter came rushing back.  The crispness of the air and being able to visually see each breath leaving your own body articulated that concise unspoken vernacular that only mother nature can create. Fond memories of playing in the snow, the brutal cold weaving through the fibers of your clothes racing to your bare skin, and shortened days with immensely starry skies came pouring in.  The 5 day trip was far too short but jammed packed with memories, sights, and delicious food.  A huge thanks for my brother and his wife for hosting. A great kick-off to winter, indeed.




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