The 1st day of 2012

I know it’s a little late.  But that reflects the amount of free time I’ve had lately.  A bad trend in 2011 carrying over to the beginning of this year.  That is something that will be drastically changed soon.  Actually more like a 180 degree spin.  Resolution #1 I’d like to call it.  But more on that some other time.

From what I gather the first day of the New Year is always boisterously optimistic inside the minds of everyone.  There is a ubiquitous feeling of positive energy humming in the air and a sense that big things are on the horizon.  It’s the exact opposite of reflection, which can (and often does) lead ourselves into burgeoning thoughts that grow into mindsets and overall mood shifts that are focused on mistakes made.  This usually leads to grumpy face, which can be highly contagious. Positive reflection should be the only reflection and as long as there is a life lesson learned, even if it’s seemingly miniscule, then you win! Another lesson I’ve learned from my old pal 2011.  A fresh start to a new year can act like a reset button.  Find the silver lining from all of life’s lessons of the past year and take the plunge into the freezing ocean water and metaphorically wipe your slate clean.  Or you can observe this transformation and take photographs. I took the easy way out.  I took my first swim in Newport at this very same beach on April 15th, 2011 and I bet the water felt about the same.  It felt like I was cleaning some of the dust off myself that I had been carrying around, a sort of paradigm shift in a sense.  And it felt cold as hell.

A quick packing detour for a visit home almost made me miss the event.  As we crested Memorial Boulevard and began descending towards Easton’s Beach we could see the herd waiting for the green light.  Without warning they all took off running silently in the distance (as did I juggling a camera and coffee).  Here’s a few snapshots laced with some optimistism for this big year ahead.

note: If you’re asking how I wander from taking pictures of a polar plunge to this life rant above don’t waste your time, I’m not sure how my head works either.



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