Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s photo challenge of reflections couldn’t come at a more fitting time in my life.  I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  I have been reflecting most about my family and  the indescribable journey I’m on, while also thinking about what to make of this time in my life.  Reflecting almost has a balancing affect on me.  When I reflect it often lets the thoughts that were lingering in my mind way past their expiration dates finally expire.  This frees up mental real estate more positive energy and thoughts.

During a solo walk along the malecón in Lima, Peru I was instantly drawn to this reflection. Instincts framed this shot that I feel captures not only a specific moment in life, it almost projects the feeling of reflection right out from screen.  The reflection here might be impossible to be a perfect mirror because of the offshore winds, but it sure played nice for me that day.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Beautiful. Perhaps, it is the season for reflection (not sure what the weather/temp is in Peru); yet here in Seattle, the wet cold temperature & cloudy days have me pondering a lot. I love the photo.

    • Only in still water can you see your reflection. Most of our lives are filled with motion, movement, distractions, etc. To reflect one must sit still and be alone with themselves. It’s quite a healing process. Thanks for the comment!

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