Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


This week’s photo challenge of love is certainly a topic that I’m sure everyone defines in their own special way. For me, this photo makes me revisit love during a special time in my life where wandering was the number one priority.  While traveling  in Mexico City, my girlfriend and I decided to get out to the borough of Xochimilco and rent a gondola to float down the river.  After finding a punter we walked on the floating city comprised of hundreds of gondolas until we reached the outer perimeter of the floating wooden mass. Being midweek and the slow season, we assumed we were going to be the only people out on the water.  Once we left the dock area, we were greeted with dozens of other boats floating aimlessly down through the channels.  There were several brightly colored vessels filled with Mariachis that would serenade anyone willing to pay a few pesos for a song.  Families rented several boats and tied them all together to create a floating reunion complete with food, beer, and music.  Small boats selling beer, food, crafts, and everything in between were bobbing around the old channels.  We brought peanut butter sandwiches because of our tight travel budget, but that didn’t matter at all.  We were smitten, in love, and had an entire boat to ourselves while we soaked in the peaceful, beautiful scene that we treasure as a fond memory.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

  1. That atmosphere would only be described in such way with words that you alls love, charm, and warm-spirited orals filled the air with colors of serenity, that I know is beautiful. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Would you recommend that anybody as a place to see?

    • I would highly recommend a visit to Xochimilco for all who are traveling to Mexico City. It is a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon with someone special or with friends and family. It is also a great scene to experience Mexican Culture in a way that one might not get to otherwise. There is a large open air mercado there that is well worth a visit too! If you need any specific travel tips let me know!

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