I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends


I rarely use this medium for anything outside of travel journalism and photography, but I just read something that made me feel compelled to alter my course for a moment.  In a brief moment of boredom, I looked at Facebook on my phone. The first post that came up was from a good friend of mine named Liam from back home in Upstate New York.  Some very honest words caught my eye, and I realized that he was in a very tricky situation that could be solved both with professional medical treatment.. and a bit of generosity.  Liam tore his ACL on wet grass and has been out of pocket since.  Anyone who’s ever suffered a knee injury can tell you that it is painful, debilitating, and downright depressing.  I sustained a knee injury when I was 16 that took me out of the rest of snowboarding season and halfway through summer, and it’s one that still slows me down (increasingly so as I get older).

Liam is the kind of person that will do whatever he can to help out a friend in need.  It’s not something that I would vouch for unless I knew it to be true.  Throughout the years he’s shown that he’s willing to stand up for his friends and to be there when they fumble and fall.  Liam’s job, which he recently started, is in sales and is highly based on commission for take home pay.  New York state has laws to support those temporarily injured who cannot work, but they fail to factor in the manner by which the sales workforce earns a living: commission.  The result is very unfavorable for Liam, who now has a surgery looming for which he’s not sure how he’s going to cover.

Pending MRI’s, copays, and the general cost of living are looming in the near future. In this situation, Liam found the courage to put out his hat and ask for help, which I can imagine is a lot harder to do than one would think.  In order to help pay for this procedure, he is looking for anyone who has any spare funds to help him take the first step towards getting his ACL surgery.  He’s set his goal very modestly at $500.00 and would appreciate help more than you will ever know.   I have almost 10,000 followers on this blog.  If each of you gave a nickle that goal can be reached. I know that is not how it works, but the math is there. I personally am helping him get $100 closer towards that operating table, and would be genuinely touched if any of you stepped up to the plate and gave to a stranger who happens to be a good friend of mine.  At this time, all he needs for this goal is $170.00, but obviously could use a lot more than that in the upcoming months to help him through recovery and future medical expenses.

Please click on the link to help Liam reach his goal of getting back on his feet again! Get better Liam!



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